Episode 63: What Are Phrases Everyone Should Know?

  1. Niles works at a large factory in the Midwest, because he did not know what to do after retirement. A young chap passes him a box and says your the baddest old dude in the land. Niles hears this but doesn’t understand because the young fellow doesn’t look to have any ill intentions towards him, but he just called him bad. What should someone do when they hear a phrase that sounds offensive?
  2. Nubia and Willard just found what looks to be a journal that is over 200 years old in a wall they are tearing down in preparation of major renovations. On that old relic they read the words “Only the good die young”. Should they open the book or are they in danger of fulfilling some ancient prophecy?
  3. Gemma doesn’t quite understand some of the beliefs of her grandson’s generation. She is on the conservative side but tells her grandson, “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.”He wants to know why would someone ever help another person they disagree with state their opinion when they know that person is wrong. How would you answer him if you were Gemma?


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