Episode 65: What is the History of Prostitution?

  1. Aruna is a go-go dancer at the Big Mermaids. One of her clients tells her she can earn more if she does private bachelor parties. Aruna takes this into consideration because she is trying to pay down her college debt and buy her own home. Should she take the client up on the offer or could this be a big mistake?
  2. Soraya listened to a friends advice and became a member of a Sugar Daddy site, where each member is matched with a customer that agrees to pay the member for her time. She gets her first match which is offering a considerable sum just for the first outing. Should Soraya bail on this website or has she found a new way to earn easy money?
  3. Alice was feeling lonely for the past 6 months since breaking up with her girlfriend. She decides to peruse ways to meet with new people and is somehow led to an escort website. Do you think this is the best way for her to meet people or will she be in for the surprise of her life with her new acquaintance?


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