Episode 66: Is Love Only Transactional?

  1. Kathy and Winston have been married for 40 years. For the last 5 years though, Kathy feels Winston is not the same. He has not touched her in the last 8 months and is constantly criticizing her body. Kathy feels that they have been married so long that they must unconditionally love each other. Is Kathy’s relationship based off of transactions or is Winston just a grumpy old fart? 
  2. Shola’s small business has really taken off after years of hard work. She decides to surprise her wife with a gigantic mansion and a party to boot. When her wife finds out she freaks out and drives off without telling Shola where she is going. Why was her wife so upset and what could Shola have done differently?
  3. Valerie has been thousands of short term relationships. She says she really wants to find the one, but there is always some issue with the person. One got on her nerves because they would leave used tea bags on the counter. Is Valerie being too nitpicky and is this transactional love she engages in affecting her relationships?


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