Episode 67: Is Anything Possible?

  1. The goddess Wosilatu challenged her sister Mba to an impossible task. She told her if you can create a mountain you cannot move, I shall state my sister is capable of anything. Mba proceeded to create an immovable mountain and asked her sister to make her proclamation. Wosilatu laughed and said she cannot make that statement for it would now be false. Is Wosilatu mistaken in her thought or did she just disprove the validity an age old statement?  
  2. Doris comes from a family of doctors and nurses. Of course when she goes to college she is expected to enroll in a pre-med major. This makes her really depressed because she is a budding artist with thousands of followers on the gram. She was told by her brother who is a doctor that it is impossible for her to make a living off of art. What should she say to her brother and what should she do now that she is in her last year of school? 
  3. Mbaekwe started a business involving offering a large collection of movies available to view online for a small monthly fee to customers. During her pitches to potential investors she's been repeatedly told this idea is impossible to sustain and studios would never let this happen. Is this really true or can Mbaekwe really change the streaming game as we all know it? 


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