Episode 68: Is the Death Penalty Right or Wrong?

  1. Joline lost her sister in a botched robbery at a local beauty salon where they both were getting their hair done. Luckily the murderer was caught a few days later and taken off the streets without bail. This state still uses the electric chair and some of her family really want to see the murderer pay for his crimes. When Joline talks to the prosecutor, should she push for the death penalty? Will this serve justice for the family? 
  2. Belinda is a criminal prosecutor with a near perfect streak. They say after this case she is a shoe in for the DA's office. The defendant looks to be getting the death penalty if she wins the case, but the prosecution does not have a lot of evidence proving the charges. Should Belinda try to win this case at all costs for her career and risk killing an innocent man or is it fine because the defendant is probably guilty? 
  3. Oswald is in custody and charged with a crime he did not do. If he admits to the crime he could serve a life sentence in prison. If he goes to court though it's possible he could be sentenced to death. If you were Oswald what would you do?  


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