Episode 70: Is God Real?

  1. Serenity is a spiritual person who meditates everyday. Her friends of 20 years were raised Catholic and don’t know Serenity rejects a anthropomorphic God. Should she tell her friends about her beliefs or is this better left to herself?
  2. Wianca was partying with her cousins at a couple of bars. On their walk to the ride-sharing service provider, one of them mentioned she never partied like this when she was religious because it seemed hypocritical. Should Wianca tell her that you can party and have strong religious beliefs or just keep quiet because her cousin is probably drunk?
  3. Arslan and Arlo are very close brothers who loved playing sports together and were surprisingly agreeable. When they went off to college, Arslan went to a faith based university and Arlo went to a secular one, they came back with some conflicting ideas. Is there a way these brothers can coexist or do they need to tailor their conversations?


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