Episode 71: Does Fairness Really Exist?

  1. MacKenzie received everything she asked for in life. One time a sales clerk told her they were out of stock of the newest Jimmy Choo’s so she could not have it. MacKenzie didn’t understand and kept asking why she could not have them. Is life being unfair to MacKenzie because she was not able to have the latest fashion trend even though her parents could afford it?
  2. Kandake grew up an orphan. She was never told what happened to her parents, but was so glad when she was finally adopted. Once she turned 18 she told her adoptive parents she wanted to find out more about her birth parents. Is it fair that Kandake asked this when she had the gift of new parents?
  3. Zeinab came to America from Sudan when she was a young child. She and her best friend Gale grew up middle class and both knew they would be reporters. They both applied for the same job which asked for their birth country. Unfortunately Zeinab didn't get the job. Is this unfair? 


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