Episode 72: Are You Truly Living or Waiting to Die?

  1. Eureka sure doesn't live in a castle but sure wants to see one. Her friends are planning a trip to the UK, where they plan to see old sites. Eureka tells them she can't go because she fears flying and will just have to miss out on ever seeing a grand old castle. Is she living or waiting to die? 
  2. Ninoska's town was quarantined by the CDC for almost a year now. During this time the town has been cut off from the outside world. She and a small group have survived by fending off raiders and eliminating the deranged sickly people. The main goal is survival by any means necessary. Is Ninoska truly living or is she actually the walking dead?
  3. Jafar is an older gentlemen whom lives his life in a small hut surrounded by a desert. His son told him once ago that if he read a book given to him when he was a teenager, he might find the location of an ancient treasure worth millions near where he lives. Jafar always laughs and says, “what use would an old man like me have of money…I'm living the retired life now.” Is Jafar truly living or waiting to die? 


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