Episode 77: Is Colorism Still a Thing?

  1. Asha and her brother Sahil are very close to one another. When they moved to LA they found that people treated them very differently. They soon realized this might be attributed to Asha being more fair skinned than Sahil. Is there anything they can do, to deal with the way they are being treated?
  2. Tesher thinks he’s the king of jokes and people need to get a better sense of humor. He likes to poke fun at his students when they don’t laugh at some of his darker jokes by saying “stop acting light skinned.” Is Tesher perpetuating a cycle of colorism onto future generations or is he just preparing them for real world comedy?
  3. Sapphira is on set of one of this year’s biggest hip-pop performances. She is hoping to be cast as the lead love interest in the music video. When it’s her turn to be judged, everyone is astounded at her dance prowess and strong sense of self. Upon finishing one of the producers says your great and all but we wanted someone lighter, more beautiful in this video. How should Sapphira respond to this person?


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