Episode 79: How to Decide Where to Live?

  1. Philbert was born in a desert and was born with an unnatural talent for finding water. So much so that the towns people rely on him for finding land to farm on. He still longs for the day he can build a snowman, because sandman just doesn't cut it when you want to have fun. Should he move to a colder climate or is it better not to desert his desert town? 
  2. Ranavalona lives in a small Midwestern town in the US. She dreams of being a successful actress and feels her small town will never help her fulfill her dreams. Should she move to LA to become a stah or should she try to build a YouTube following to validate her dream?
  3. Oslo is a famous IG star who just became the youngest self-made billionaire in the world based off his makeup products. He has been receiving backlash from people in town over whether he really is self-made. Should he leave his town to avoid the onslaught of negativity or are haters gonna hate?


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