Episode 8: Are Ghosts Real?

  1. Your family has just moved into a nice old victorian on a large 10 acre plot of land surrounded by woods. It’s been a brutally cold, white winter. You get snowed in the home and don’t want to unpack yet, so after dinner everyone has some hot cocoa and dash off to bed after. You lay in bed in your favorite jammies and decide not to listen to music to get to sleep like you usually do. You shortly pass out, but are awakened not even 1 hour later to a large howl sound behind your bedroom curtain. You can see a faint glow creeping around the curtain. Do you get up and see what’s going on? Is there a ghost ready to spook your socks off?
  2. Finally all the girls have aligned their schedules, so you can all go away together for the first time in a long time. This doesn’t happen a lot, so you’ve decided to do it big and take a trip outside of the country for a week. That’s really all anyone can spare. The hostel is mostly a drag but after dinner a guest tells you about a party happening tonight after 1. Today is the last day of Dia de los Muertos so you know the fiesta is going to be big. Later, that evening you run to bathroom and see the reflection of the guest from earlier and start to ask her if she’d like to join your group to the party. When your fully inside the bathroom you try to look directly at her, but she’s not there. You look back at the mirror and just see yourself. Was this an apparition? Did you ever actually speak to anyone? 
  3. Max was your best buddy. He always finished the leftover vegetables on your plate. He cleaned the french vanilla ice cream off the floor before your Mother could yell about keeping the food on the plate or in your mouth. He even woke you up when your grandfather oxygen tank got clogged. Max was the best friend you could not dream of. In broad day light you are out with your parents strolling not through Central Park, but a Park that is kind of like the Central Park in Manhattan. In not Central Park, you break off from your Parents and see what looks like Max, running through a group of people than over a hill and out of site. Do you chase him or do you go back to Mommy and Daddy dearest? Was Max reincarnated?


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