Episode 81: How Well Do You Need to Know Someone to Love Them?

  1. Holly is a successful Professional Engineer who has a ton of patents in her name which allowed her to become the most sought after engineer in her field. She travels around the Globe working with many people, but not much time goes to her SO. Is it possible for her to have intimacy with her SO with so little time to devote?
  2. Cornelius and Whitney have a passionate love life. They can’t even remember a time before being together and what they would without one another. Do they know each other really well or is the sex just too good?
  3. Jamie and Johanne have been dating for a long time. Jamie is always wondering if Johanne is really in the relationship since they have been together so long, but sometimes things are left unsaid. Are Jamie and Johanne truly intimate since they have been dating for a long time?


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