Episode 82: Do People Read Enough?

  1. Julie is a book nerd who reads through multiple books a day. She reads so much that she can’t bring enough books with her when she’s on the road because it is just too much to carry all those around with her. Do you have a solution for her?
  2. Jakaya came from a poverty stricken background. He used to not know how to better himself, but was able to rise up after reading “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” and “The Secret”. Is there a way Jakaya can help others who are in a situation like his?
  3. Kayla has a 5 and a half hour commute both ways to a job she loves more than cuddly puppies. In other words Kayla will not quit her job. When she gets home she is exhausted, but feels bad because her co-workers and friends tell her she really should read more. How can Kayla meet these expectations? Or is she doomed to using cliffs-notes to lie to everyone?


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