Episode 84: What is the “Us” Movie all about?

  1. Brandi is afraid of Horror films, but her friend who is a big Jordan Peele fan really wants her to see the film with her. Should Brandi get over her fear and enjoy the current craze of the film industry?
  2. Jeronelle is a young child who went to the beach with his parents. While his parents were looking away he wondered towards a house of mirrors with an inviting pyramid symbol in the logo. Should he enter the house of mirrors since it looks so inviting? Or should he go find his parents?
  3. Lisa awoke in terror to find her doppelganger trying to strangle her in her sleep. She is not sure if she is really awake or asleep, but she is anti-violence. Should she struggle against her foe or try and talk this nemesis out of it?


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