Episode 86: Is there an Afterlife?

  1. De'Stani was in a coma for 3 months. She miraculously awoke and was able to describe the people who visited her during her coma. Is this Out of body experience part of the afterlife or could there be some other sort of explanation for this phenomenon?
  2. Amber & Stephanie were in a terrible roller-coaster accident where they were thrown from the car. Luckily they both survived, but they only came to consciousness at the hospital. They explained the common NDE that people go through when they think they are about to die including seeing a bright light. Do you think they really saw the afterlife or was this just the brain misfiring?
  3. Kristen conducted an experiment where she put 10 people in a comatose like state using drugs for half an hour. Upon awakening she asked them what they remembered after they were under the drugs. Most of them had descriptions relating to a pulsating light and hearing a soothing voice calling out to them. Does this prove an afterlife must exist?


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