Episode 87: How to Change the Narrative

  1. Megan’s life got flipped-turned upside down when she was sent to live with her auntie and uncle in Bel-Air. Upon arriving she finds they are very demanding and controlling, intruding on even, personal parts of her life. Does Megan need to change the Narrative?
  2. Sarah’s old college friend crashed with her after they graduated, because she could not get a job and Sarah already had a great offer from a new car manufacturer. Her college friend has been with her for 2 years and all she does is ask for Sarah to drive her around to see other friend’s while she continues to take odd jobs here and there. Is it time for Sarah to change the narrative.
  3. LaDaska sisters are heavy into partying and don’t care when they hit their credit limit. Everytime that time of the month comes around when the bill is due they ask LaDaska to help them cover the minimum payment. It’s that time again, should LaDaska give them the cash to get them out of the rut or should she change the narrative?


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