Episode 89: Do Spirits Exist? Not Ghosts, but Human Spirits

  1. Amy was outside the space station on her daily spacewalk when one of the space engines suddenly broke loose and took Amy with it. With only 30 minutes of available air, Amy passed away after her mishap. If Amy has a spirit would it float endlessly in space with her body or would it return to Earth which is 5 million miles from Earth now.
  2. Jeronelle wants to prove to his friend that spirits exist. He thinks that if someone is no longer living they will weigh less than when they were alive, proving that the spirit must have left the body. Is his reasoning sound can this experiment prove his theory?
  3. Laura always believed in spirits. Growing up every around her would tell her about an afterlife and how people would live on forever, just in a different form. Recently Laura has been seeing a lot of posts on social media claiming spirits are a hoax. Should Laura believe what she sees on Social Media or keep true to what her heart tells her?


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