Episode 91: Is the War on Drugs A Real Thing?

  1. Tanjianna is an undercover narc, a federal agent of the alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives agency, or ATF, who just discovered that her childhood friend is knee deep in the sale of prescription drug game. Should she warn her friend of the consequences she faces or just serve her justice as the US government sees fit?
  2. Amanda and Katie are fed up with how drugs are impacting the community around them. They would like to do a protest demanding more laws to combat the drug problem, but they are not sure if they should protest in their community which is a rich suburban town or the big city where the statistics show that more drug crimes are being committed. Which area should they choose to protest in?
  3. Tara feels the war on drugs has just cost her district millions in wasted funds putting people in prison while depleting funding for the local schools and food pantry. Should she vent her frustration on social media or is there something better she can do to change where her hard earned tax dollars are spent?


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