Episode 92: Does the World Need Country Music?

  1. Clementine was raised in Tennessee and has that classic country twang in her voice when she sings. She is an artist that plays the banjo, sings, and uses some Calypso sounds in all her songs, but without any hint of a Caribbean accent. Is she a country artist or a pop artist?
  2. Jolene and Lee-Ann are sisters who grew up in an urban jungle but have listened to Country music ever since they knew where their noses were. After listening to so many songs they have decided to move to the South East to experience the Country lifestyle. Does this make sense or should they reconsider their move?
  3. Paisley is a superb violinist who reproduces all popular country songs on her violin. She has built up a social media following and thinks maybe she can make this into a full-time career touring the country and performing the same songs. Should she go forward with her passion or is the risk not worth the possible rewards?


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