Episode 93: Do you Need Religion to be Successful?

  1. Timothy is a Pentecostal evangelist priest of a megachurch who is worth millions. He has recently asked for donations to his church in order to purchase a private jet so he can better reach new people without dealing with typical airport delays and waits that he is used to. Is Timothy the definition of success or does he deserve another title?
  2. Nicole grew up in a religious family, but was never really into the holidays and the practices that her family made her participate in. At 17, she sold her first company for millions which created software that could tell you how a cat was feeling at any moment in time with 88% accuracy. She stated publicly that she believes in an undetermined transcendent reality. Could she really achieve this much success with no specified religious belief?
  3. Reginae is a single working mother of 4 who just hit the the largest jackpot in lotto history. She has been a devout Catholic since the tender age of 6. Is this miracle attributed to her faithfulness or is something else at play here?


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