Episode 95: Can You Move from NY to Arizona in Less than 5 days?

  1. April plans to drive her Tesla Model X across country without spending a dime on electricity. Is this possible or will she need to rethink her plans?
  2. Josh has 8 pit-bulls he wants to bring with him on his road-trip to Alaska. He loves them all a bunch and would never put them on an airplane or leaving them to a shipping company. What is the best way he can accomplish moving his big family?
  3. Leonidas is an aspiring actor who has been working a job just to make ends meet. He recently found an audition that calls to him, but if it is located on a different coast then him. If he tries out for the role he will relocate there regardless if he gets the part because his lease is up soon. Should Leonidas try out for this role or is it too risky?


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