Episode 96: Does Having a Pet Make You a Better Human?

  1. Lauren really wants a pet, but was just tested for allergies after years of having bad sinuses. She found out that she is very allergic to dust mites, but mildly allergic to pet dander. Should she get a pet still, knowing full well that she is allergic to them?
  2. Reginald has become very reclusive since his wife passed away. He now spends most of his day in a small shack in the woods forging various metals together to make exotic metal art. His sister wants to cheer him up by buying him a pet. Will having a pet solve his inner problems?
  3. Rebecca finished university in the states a few months ago. She has had her pet cat for over 8 years now and is looking for a place to live. She notices that every place she wants to rent from charges a lot more for having pets. Should she give up her cat to make the rent more affordable?


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