Episode 98: Why do Some People Hate the LGTBQ+ Community?

  1. Jessie is a non-binary person that feared losing its job of 10 years, so planned to win sympathy from the employer to possibly avoid termination. A fake attack was carried out by close friends that landed Jessie in the hospital and subsequently put on disability leave. Does this one story paint a picture for this community or is Jessie just a fraudulent person?
  2. Dane loves planes, trains, and video games. He also rereads the King James version of the Bible every couple of months and believes Leviticus 20:13 says homosexuality is wrong and punishable. Is he right in following the words of scripture or should he ignore certain parts of the book?
  3. Kyra’s wardrobe is straight drippin, but she has not told her parents yet about her sexual preference. She feels they are too buttoned up and would never understand her choice. Should she approach her parents with the truth or let them continue to carry-on with other relatives thinking they know what she prefers?


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