Episode 99: Are You a Secret Trump Supporter?

  1. Katsuki had to flex on a liberal co-worker who kept telling him Barack Obama did not accomplish anything in his presidency. He told him Obama  reversed over 60 years of tension between the U.S. and Cuba by restoring diplomatic ties, helped stimulate the auto industry after the financial crisis, commended and supported the Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriage, and jump-started the economy during the worst recession since the Great Depression to name a few. Is Katsuki’s co-worker actually a secret Trump supporter?
  2. Rachel says she is non judgmental and thinks everyone should be treated equal. She tells everyone if you break our laws you don’t deserve to be treated well and don’t deserve even beds if you are locked up. Does she just believe in tough love or is she a secret Trump supporter?
  3. Cori hates that everything must be so politically correct now a day and is a staunch gun advocate. Is Cori a secret Trump supporter or an individual that thinks for themselves?


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