Episode 138: What did Peer Pressure Make You Do in Life?

  • Scenario 1: Priya is on a famous picture platform since its inception. She has steadily gained a large, active following that allows her to make sponsored posts. Recently she has seen lots of influencers tout about their weight loss journey and in turn gain bucket loads of followers. Should she copy the other influencers in order to increase her following or ignore the pressures of her timeline?
  • Scenario 2: Jenesha has a group of friends that used to hang-out every weekend at lounges or the club. Because of the shelter in place orders they wanted to do something none of them have tried before. One of the friends suggested they each try a new drug on their first upcoming video party. Should Jenesha buy some new drug because her friend suggested it, or tell her friends that it is a terrible idea?
  • Scenario 3: Vijay was talking with Ruth, his boss, about the company’s future and she told him the company will release a prospectus with a lower forecast next week. Ruth said I don’t know about you but I’m selling off all my stock and investing in gold, like any reasonable person would do. Should Vijay take Ruth’s advice, since no one else knows about this conversation or should he disregard everything he heard and wait for the prospectus to release next week? 


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