Episode 142: What Values Should We Live By?

  • Scenario 1: Yi is arguing with her husband Oscar on whether it is morally right to circumcise their soon to be born son. Yi says she doesn't want to put her child through needless pain. Oscar says that circumcision decreases the spread of venereal diseases and requires less maintenance. Whose values should be followed in this instance?

  • Scenario 2: Tucker is an RN from the West Coast who decided to go to the epicenter of a recent pandemic. Tucker is a father with 6 children. Is Tucker making the right decision to put his life in danger to save lives, while his children live without him?

  • Scenario 3: Yamiche has an impressive portfolio of businesses that rely on the parent company’s infrastructure to survive. Because of the pandemic, Yamiche needs to sell off one of her businesses. Should she sell off the business that is trying to eliminate poverty since it makes the least money or choose one of the other businesses which just operate for profits?


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