Episode 144: Would You Upload?

  • Scenario 1: Madge is an older woman who lost her husband, but has a ton of grand-kids. She complains about aches and pains, and needs assistance to move around. Do you think she should consider uploading to escape the pains she feels now?

  • Scenario 2: Verna was a professional snowboarder, who had dreams of entering the Olympics. She could nail a cab 1080 double cork before getting a driver’s license. Unfortunately, at one tournament she pushed herself too far and ended up with paralysis below her torso. Should she consider uploading, so she could continue her life’s passion?

  • Scenario 3:  Lilliana is a popular actress that makes all movies she stars in blockbusters. She feels she has gotten so good that acting doesn’t interest her like it used to. She wants to do something more challenging. Would uploading provide that extra something in life she’s missing?


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