Episode 145: Is The Law of Attraction Real?

  • Scenario 1: Jerrika complains to her best friend every day that her job never considers her for a promotion no matter what she does. She constantly looks for ways to save the company money, but no one seems to notice. Does this indicate that the law of attraction may be a fraud?

  • Scenario 2: Pol notices his friend Delroy is always stopped by law enforcement while walking to Pol’s nice suburban home. Delroy talks about how some people are not expected to roam “safe” neighborhoods. Can Delroy avoid these constant conflicts or is he attracting this attention?

  • Scenario 3: Roscoe’s grandmother was part of the large group of people involved in the California Gold Rush craze. Even to this day, Roscoe feels there is more gold to be found throughout the state. Roscoe quit his job to continue the search which he believes will make him rich. Should Roscoe continue this search since he is laser focused on finding the gold of his dreams?


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