Episode 146: What to Avoid When Buying Food?

  • Scenario 1: Jermell needed to get something to fill his belly quickly and cheaply. He could go to the store and then prepare a nice chicken breast and rice dinner, but there was a 2 for 1 special at the local taco joint where he would only spend $3 for a filling meal. Should he go to the store or just settle for some street meat to fill his needs?

  • Scenario 2: Alexandra wants to start purchasing better foods for her and her family of 6. She doesn’t know where to start, but sees an enticing commercial about a new type of pizza. Should she wait until tomorrow to find out healthy meals to prepare for her family or just order the new delicious pie pitched by the pithy commercial?

  • Scenario 3: Aisling told Nicky she has to eat all the animals of the Earth because it is commanded by her lord. Nicky looks at her in disgust because she is a hardcore vegan who despises people that are complicit in the cruelty dealt to the majority of the slaughterhouse animals. Should these two friends go shopping together or would it just end in a long fight?


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